How To Succeed With Just One Hour Per Day

The one thing we all have in common is that we all have 24 hours in a day. Now, obviously, some people will have more free time than others but everyone has the same total amount.

So, ultimately it comes down to how you choose to spend your time.

This is where we all differ.

Some people will choose to watch TV, some people will choose to play computer games, some people will drink, others will sleep.

Again, I don’t want to judge people here but often people want more out of life but do not want to put the work in to get there.

We all strive for more freedom, maybe more money but we as humans like things given to us and generally as a group can be seen as quite lazy at times.

Did you know that to build an online business you really just need to apply a fully focused and dedicated ONE hour per day?

This is really all you need.

You could use this time to do the following:

  • Build a website
  • Write a blog (and keep posting to it)
  • Write a book
  • Create an online course
  • Learn a new skill such as online trading
  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Host your own Podcast

These are just a few suggestions but basically, you can do anything really if you just give yourself one hour per day.

But I don’t have the time, I am just so busy!?

If anyone says this to me, I usually say bulls**t as there is no way that everyone is fully optimising every hour of their day.

For example, you can find little snippets of time throughout the day even if you are busy:

Here are a few “time slots” that you can make use off:

  • Get up one hour earlier each day
  • Work on your lunch break
  • Don’t watch TV in the evenings
  • Long commute on the train? Do your writing then.
  • Weekends? Again, get up one hour earlier or go to bed one hour later
  • Have to take the kids to after school classes? Take your laptop and sit in the car to work

Basically, what I am saying is there is always time, maybe not EVERY SINGLE day but most. You just have to prioritise.

Throughout my own business ventures, I have got up at 5 AM to work one hour before my day job, taken my laptop to work, and used the lunch break and as I mentioned above I also used to take my laptop to the kid’s gym classes and work during that.

There is always a way!

clock on desk

How To Stay Focussed During The One Hour Club

Staying focussed during the one hour per day is crucial to achieving your goals. You really have to get the most and maximise the hour to its fullest potential.

To do this make sure you switch off all potential distractions.

This means no social media. Switch off your phone if you are at home or at the very least move it to another room.

Turn off the TV. You do not want to be working with the TV on in the background, this is just another distraction.

Tell your family you are working for this hour. If you are at home and your partner and kids are at home let them know you really need this time and you need to focus. You won’t get much done if the kids are constantly pestering you with things. Tell your partner too that you really want to give this a go, that it will benefit both of your futures. It is really worth having this discussion before you take on this extra work.

If you are at work on your lunch break go to a quiet part of the building, at worst go and sit in your car with your laptop. It is up to you if you tell your work colleagues, most of the time they won’t understand what you are trying to do, they may even try to discourage you from doing it. People oddly, sometimes don’t like other people succeeding – especially work colleagues.

What To Do If You Really Do Not Have One Hour

I still fail to believe that people do not have one hour spare per day, but ok – I get it. Maybe you don’t have one FULL hour but I guarantee you have one hour spread across the day.

Another great method is the Pomodoro Method. This involves breaking down tasks into 20-minute chunks.

This method is great and allows you to complete little “tasks”. The tasks can be whatever you want, but you are only allowed to do them in 20 minute bursts.

Lets say you are writing a book.

We’ve established that you can’t do one full hour per day. However, 3 x 20 minute chunks should be more than achievable.

You can do 1 x 20 minute chunk when you first get up.

Another on your lunchbreak at work.

Then finally, the last one just before you go to bed.

And there you go, you have your one hour per day.

There really are no excuses for this. It just depends on how much people what to achieve their goals. Anyone can do this, anyone can apply themselves and anyone can get that thing they’ve been putting off for all these years if they just apply one hour per day to it.

So, over to you – what are you waiting for? What is your excuse?

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