How YOU Can Make Money Using The Written Word

If you are looking for a way to make money which requires little work then you really need to read this article because what I am about to share with you has made many people incredibly wealthy… and thanks to current technology, you are in the best position in the history of the human race to also profit from this business model.

The business model has built billion pound companies… and turned individuals into multi-millionaires.

This business model is based around one central component.

The Written Word

Whether it is fact or fiction, publishing the written word is incredibly powerful… and incredibly profitable.

It is no longer difficult for a person to write and publish a book. It is no longer difficult to get your book in front of thousands of people. In fact, it is incredibly easy. Your children could most possibly land your book in front of more people than you could have imagined possible… for free using social media.

There is nothing stopping you from becoming a wealthy person publishing books online.


For this article I am going to focus on information publishing. 


Because information – depending on what you chose to write about – is evergreen and can be sold over and over again at a higher than average price.

With information, you can charge a premium price if what you sell can deliver a result a person wants, a result which far exceeds the price they paid for the item.

As an example; imagine that you knew how to make £5,000 or more a week doing just a couple of hours work. What you do to generate £5,000 or more is not a one off fluke but is actually a repeatable job that anyone can do. 

The only big difference between you and other people is that you know what to do and they don’t. They don’t even know that it is possible or that what you do exists. They are completely oblivious to this way of generating money.

People Want To Know What You Know And Learn How To Do What You Do

Now imagine that one day while having a quiet coffee in a coffee shop you got talking to a stranger about what it was that you do. This other person is gobsmacked, they had no idea that it was that easy to generate £5,000 or more per week doing only a few hours work.

The brain cogs are whirring away inside your new chat buddy and they soon figure out that you are earning over £20,000 a month for doing what is less than a day’s work. Two at the most.

The more they listened to what you had to say, the more they became excited and the desire to know more grows in them to the point that they have gone from asking you to show them how to do what you do to begging you to show them.

It is at this point that you can say, ‘yes ok, I can show you, it will take me half a day to show you and it will cost £2,000’

Anyone in their right minds would pay £2,000 if it was going to show them how to consistently make £5,000 each and every week.

This is a life changing opportunity. This information can transform a person and their current circumstances. This is not mere entertainment.

Now imagine putting that information down in writing and turning it into a book or training manual and then putting it online for hundreds or thousands of people to see. Instead of charging £2,000 to teach individuals personally, you now decide to charge £197 for the manual.

Don’t think that it is possible to sell information products at that price?

The above are taken from two different sales pages for physical books. Yet these books sell because the guy who is selling them has the reputation and the information inside them is incredibly useful… I am more than certain that digital PDF versions could sell for £197.

Not only does this mean that it is more affordable to other people but it saves you having to personally spend time teaching people. (Which is not necessarily a bad thing to do, start off with a book then offer a more expensive product where you spend the day training people to do what you do.) 

Now as well as your £5,000 + a week work that you do, you are also generating money on autopilot from the sale of your information product. If you sold just 10 copies a month at £197 that is an extra £1,970 which is from a product you have created once. That is also more money than what most people earn in a month working 160 hours.

Why Stop At Just One? 

Imagine that you create another information product which is also priced at £197. Imagine selling a few of those each month as well as the other manual.

Imagine having a portfolio of products which you can sell at a higher than normal price.

Even if you decide to sell your books and manuals at a very respectful price of £14.99 – £29.99 which most books cost when published through traditional publishers, you can still make a lot of money due to that fact that you are selling digital ebooks to potentially thousands of people.

Build A Six Figure A Year Portfolio

This is a game of numbers. If you have 10 information products which you sell at £49 then you only need to sell 2,041 products over a year to generate £100,000 in sales. (Ignoring any other costs in that example for simplicity)

How hard is it to sell 2,041 products over a full year?

That works out at roughly 40 products a week. Which is 5.7 products a day. 

At 10 different products, you only need to sell 204 of each product over the whole year. That works out at around 4 of each product a week which isn’t even one a day.

Now imagine that some of your products are priced at £97 and £197.

The products are delivered the same way, they are simple digital PDFs which take no manufacturing and require very little storage. 

To sell a £197 PDF costs you no more than selling a £49 PDF. But the return is astronomical in comparison.

With products priced that high, you need to sell less to make six figures in a year.

Getting People To Buy Your Information Products

To sell digital information products online is incredibly cheap from the technical point of view, but to get your products in front of people will require work and some financial outlay. You will need to do some kind of paid advertising.

You will need to get traffic to your website so that they can read your sales letters and product details. But with your products being priced higher than most other products online, you can afford to spend more on advertising than the average business and it doesn’t matter if you sell less products compared to people who sell low priced items. 

Image you spent £100 on adverts and had two sales of a £97 product from that ad spend. That is £195 back giving you a £95 profit.

Imagine a T-shirt printer spent £100 on ads and sold 7 T-shirts at a cost of £19.95. That is a total of £139.65 which gives them a profit of only £39.95 and then there is the work of having to package the products, post them out plus the buying and printing cost of the T-shirts to consider. 

The T-shirt seller has made more sales but made less money than you. Plus they have work to do whereas you, the digital information publisher has an automatic sales and delivery system set up in place.

To get the maximum sales you need to focus on creating the best sales letters possible and that is an artform in itself. 

Which leads me nicely to another fantastic way to make money with the written word. 

Writing Sales Letters – Copywriting

Having a well written sales letter is vitally important when selling digital products online but it doesn’t stop there. As someone who is able to write high converting sales letters you can charge a premium to write sales letters for other people.

Depending on the job, the length of the sales letter, the size of the company and your reputation (ability to deliver results) a sales letter writer can charge anything from £1,000 to £30,000 and sometimes more to write a sales letter.

Dan Kennedy has made over $1 Million by writing and managing a sales letter campaign for a company. As well as being paid to write the sales letter he was paid a percentage of the ongoing sales.

Sometimes a sales letter can take as little as a day to write. John Harrison of Streetwise Publications is a copywriter who writes all of his own sales letters, he says that his best performing sales letter had an individual word value of £5,000. The sales letter took half a day to write and generated over £5 million in sales over the years.

Imagine writing a sales letter for a product with an individual word value of £5,000. Obviously, without the product the sales letter has no value, but without the sales letter, the product is also worthless. 

The sales letter sells the product.

Once you know how to write great sales letters which convert readers into buyers, you can make a six figure income by writing sales letters for other people. Put the writing of sales letters and creating information products together, and you have a business model which can potentially make you millions.Just as it has for John Harrison.

Learning how to write great sales letters will help you write and create products to sell. Most copywriters who create their own products start by writing the sales letter first because it helps them plan what to put into the product.

If you want to learn how to write sales letters which have the potential to make you tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of pounds for yourself and for others click the link below:

One Letter From Retirement

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