“How You Can Shop In The Best Stores, Eat In The Finest Restaurants, Stay In The Swishest Hotels... And Never Spend A Penny Of Your Own Money!”

Dear Customer,

Did you know That a small band of ordinary men and women are quietly getting handsomely paid for what the rest of us happily do for fun?

They shop in the best stores, eat in the finest restaurants, stay in the swishest hotels – and never spend a penny of their own money. What’s more, they pocket a great wedge of cash for the privilege!

And Here’s The Exciting Part...

Once you know how they do it, you can join them. You need absolutely no experience or qualifications. Anyone can do this, and get started practically straight away.

Read On And Find Out How...

Did you ever go into a shop, restaurant, hotel or other establishment, and find the staff inattentive, unhelpful or even downright rude? And if you did, what did you do about it?

Chances are, you did what most of us do… you voted with your feet and left the establishment, vowing never to return. Unless things were really bad you probably didn’t bother complaining to anyone…

Am I Right?

Now, business owners can’t afford for customers to do this. And knowing that most are reluctant to complain, they are increasingly turning to ‘Mystery Shoppers’ to help evaluate the performance of their staff.

A mystery buyer is essentially a professional customer who is paid to be the eyes and ears of the owner. He or she will visit a shop, restaurant, hotel or whatever, and act like a regular customer – using the facilities, asking for assistance, making purchases – in fact everything that a regular customer would do, but with one important difference…

Everything is done with a view to reporting back to the establishment owner on their findings.

Does this sound like the sort of ‘work’ you would enjoy?

Let’s Look In A Little More Detail At What’s Involved And Just How Far You Could Go With It.

As a mystery buyer there’s no end to the assignments you could be asked to undertake: purchasing clothes from a department store… asking advice in an electrical shop… visiting a bar or nightclub… eating out at a restaurant… trying out a gym or sports club… staying in a new hotel… visiting a hairdresser… taking a trip in the UK or overseas. In fact posing as a customer to just about any business regularly dealing with the public.

Here Are Just A Few Examples Of Real Life Mystery Shoppers...

*Elizabeth K – has a contract with a restaurant chain.  Every week she visits a different restaurant with her husband and two young children. She prepares a report on the quality of food and the facilities provided for children. Some of the restaurants are run by her clients competitors. Elizabeth is paid £30 an hour, receives a free meal, and is taken to the restaurant by taxi!

*Graham M  operates as a mystery buyer for a supermarket chain and often ‘works’ with his wife. They buy products both in clients’ stores and those of their competitors, and are allowed to keep up to £75 of goods from each visit. 

*Kevin L  specialises in fraud detection. He visits shops purely to check whether till procedures are being followed.  

*Simon T – has a regular assignment with a motor distributorship, which he operates completely by telephone from home. His job is to telephone information hotlines to check on product knowledge, and obtain brochures for analysis. 

Andrew N  specialises in the fashion industry, When he’s not mystery buying in this country he travels all over Europe on mystery buying assignments for his clients.

Anne E – is confined to a wheelchair and works as a mystery buyer a couple of days a week. Her job is to check out and report back on facilities and assistance for people in her position, as well as checks on statutory compliance.

As a mystery buyer you can usually choose the hours you’d like to work, and often get to keep the things you’ve bought! It’s a great part time money maker and therefore ideal for people with other commitments. 

But For The Ambitious, It Offers The Opportunity To Create A Lucrative Full Time Business.

Remember anyone can do this: retired people, students, entrepreneurs, people looking to make a spare time income… even mothers who are unable to do other types of work because of the children. When you go shopping, you can take the kids with you. It helps you blend in with other customers.

We’ve put everything you need to know to get started in the mystery shopping businesses in a brand new manual – The Mystery Shopping Handbook. Whether you’re interested in carrying out mystery buying work for an established agency, or want to branch out with your own mystery buying business, you’re going to find the manual invaluable.

 Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn:

•  What will be expected of you as a mystery shopper.

• How to organise and carry out, each kind of professional mystery buying assignment. There are four main types.

• Exactly how to report back, to give your clients the information they need.

• How much you can expect to earn for each type of job.

• How to set up your own mystery buying agency.

• How to employ other part time mystery shoppers

• How to set your fees for maximum profit.

• How to find customers for your new business – sample advertisements, sales letters and sales pitches included!

• How to establish repeat business and build on early successes.

• 45 sources of paid mystery buying work, if you don’t want to go it alone. Names and addresses supplied.

   …and a great deal more.

The mystery buying market is currently worth around £40 million a year in the UK, and it’s growing all the time as companies compete to get an all-important edge.

There’s no shortage of well paid work! There couldn’t be a better time to get started!!

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Order a copy of the ‘The Mystery Shopping Handbook’ risk free!

Your copy is fully guaranteed. If you’re not happy with it for any reason whatsoever, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund of your payment.

Fair enough?

I look forward to hearing from you soon, and helping you to obtain well paid mystery buying work, or to set up your own lucrative agency.

Best Wishes,



John Harrison

PS. Remember, you can use The Mystery Shopping Handbook to earn an excellent part time income, or to build a lucrative full time business.

PPS. Remember the whole thing comes with a 30 dayCAST IRON money back guarantee so there is absolutely no risk to you in taking a look at this.

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Who Can Benefit From Becoming a Mystery Shopper?

Anyone seeking a second income such as:

• Small business owners

• Entrepreneurs

• ‘Shopaholics’

• ‘Foodies’ 

• Bargain Hunters

• Young Families

• Pensioners

• Students

• Travel lovers

• Sports Fans

• The fashion conscious

• People who love cars

• Housewives and Mothers.

Why Become A Mystery Shopper?

You might want to become a Mystery Shopper because you want to:

• Make an excellent second income

• Start your own business

• Get paid to do what you do for fun

• Shop for free

• Eat out for free

• Travel in the UK and overseas for free

• Stay in hotels for free.

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