The Hermes Strategy by Bill Burrows & Streetwise Publications

The Hermes Strategy is a ‘how to make money trading horse racing’ product written by professional horse racing trader and former ambulance driver Bill Burrows which is published by Streetwise Publications.

Bill Burrows who spent most of his working life driving ambulances now generates an average £350 a week trading the horses – TAX free I might add. That adds up to a nice £1,400 a month and a cracking £18,000 a year. Which is not brilliant when you consider it is TAX free.

Just to clarify, this is not gambling… technically it is considered gambling because you place bets on horses racing on a regular basis… but, and this is a big BUT… traders research races and set up fail-safes to protect their stakes. 

They do not trade blind like a gambler would. They try to ensure that whatever happens they either win or they break even. Any losses they make are small and over time, they make a substantial win compared to any losses incurred.

For those of you who do not know, gambling is TAX free in the UK. Because most people lose when they gamble, the Government realised that to TAX the few people who win big trading horses, they would also have to allow gambling losses to be deductible.

Which would mean that the UK treasury would actually have to pay back far more than they would be able to claim in TAX.

Anyway, I digress. Bill Burrows created The Hermes Strategy to help teach people his system where he makes regular TAX free lump sums of cash trading the horses. The home study course is published by Streetwise Publications but we here at Crystal Clear Publications have been licensed to promote it.

A chance meeting with a stranger in a coffee shop in Cornwall who told Bill about a programme he developed back in the 1980s for a friend who was mad for horse racing, changed his retirement for the better. 

Bill was told how to use the programme and where he could find this hardly used data and analysis which was left languishing in the darkest corners of the Racing Post website.

When Bill returned home from his holiday in Cornwall, he looked for the programme and decided to test it. Unfortunately Bill’s first attempts to use the programme failed. The system did not work. 

Bill was a little disheartened and tried to figure out what was wrong, why it wasn’t working and if there was a way to make it work. The idea behind the method made sense. In principle, the logic behind it was sound. 

The logic is similar to when a big top premiership football  team who is waiting to play a big game in the European final, fields a lesser skilled team of reserves to play in a friendly with a small club the week previous to the big game.

Bill knew that there was money to be made from the programme, he just needed to figure out how and make the necessary improvements.

With that, he decided to make a few tweaks to the programme and try it again. 

The results came back and this time, Bill was winning. The programme was winning. All it needed was a few tweaks and changes and the programme was no longer a dud… it was now a big winner bringing in TAX free cash to the tune of £350 a week!

Bill has constantly been quietly siphoning off cash from the horses while gamblers have been losing their shirts. Bill decided that he wanted to turn the table for those who were losing bad and simply wanted to make some decent money trading horse racing. He wanted people to have the opportunity to win the same amounts of TAX free cash that he was enjoying from using his Hermes Strategy programme.

So, Bill set about creating a comprehensive manual outlining what he does and what you need to do to make around £1,400 each month in TAX free cash. The manual includes screenshots to clearly show what you need to do.

To learn more about Bill’s story and how he uses the Hermes Strategy to bank TAX free cash by trading horse racing click here: 

Bill Burrows The Hermes Strategy

The Hermes Strategy is by Bill Burrows and published by Streetwise Publications. Crystal Clear Publications is licensed to sell The Hermes Strategy.

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