The Passive Income Power Of Short Romance Books And Love Stories

Creating Multiple Income Streams Publishing Love and Romance Stories

Did you know that there are hundreds of people who are making thousands of pounds each and every month by publishing short romance books and love stories on Amazon Kindle?


Well, you may not be aware of it, but it is no big secret that writing and publishing romance books can be a huge money maker… if you do it right that is.

The days of being able to write one book, sell thousands and not have to write another for a year or two has long gone. But believe it or not, that is a good thing. What that means is that there is a lot of competition out there… but that is good, that means that the opportunity to publish your own romance books and love stories has been blown wide open.

You see, back in the days when you could write one book and live off the sales for a year or two while you craft another bestselling novel, you could only really get published through a third party publishing house.

Today, that is not the case. Anyone and everyone can publish a book today. And that means that anyone and everyone has the opportunity to make money by publishing their own romance books and love stories.

There is a system which you must follow if you want to be successful, but I shall come back to that shortly. But first, I want you to watch this episode of the Freedom Hustle Podcast where the hosts interviewed Joanne Jackson.

The reason I suggest that you watch this is because during the interview, Jo explains how she is still making money each month from romance books she wrote several years ago. She also explains that the books she wrote took a weekend or two to actually write. 

These romance books are not big epic novels, they are incredibly short and easy to write. Jo’s books are between 20,000 and 25,000 words. 

During the interview, Jo admitted that she hadn’t written a new book for a couple of years. And yet she was still making several hundred pounds each month. One can only imagine how much she could be earning if she had carried on writing romance books and love stories over the last couple of years.

If it took a weekend or two to write one book, then she could have written quite a lot of the course of the last couple of years. Even if she wrote only 1 book a month, she could have had 24 new books added to her collection which would have been earning her a lot more  money.

Watch the interview below.

Passive Income With Amazon Kindle With Joanne Jackson

Each book becomes a passive income stream and if you can write at least 12 books in a year, you will have 12 income streams all earning you money.

To maximise your profits, the writers and publishers who are killing it on sites like Amazon Kindle are writing to market and writing a series of books.

What write to market means is that you write the kind of stories which other people want to read. That makes sense really. It would be pointless to spend your time writing something which people do not want to read.

If you write the kind of stories that people want to read, you give yourself a better chance of making money. And if your stories are part of a series, the chance of people buying your books increases greatly. 

Romance readers are voracious. If they love a story you have written they will devour everything else you have written. Especially if it is a continuation of the story they have just finished and enjoyed, they will read the next book in the series.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited pays authors for pages read. A long novel has more pages and so you think it would make more money than a shorter read, but a novel takes quite a long time to write whereas a shorter book can take as little as a weekend to complete.

So when one short romance book and love story is finished, you can start to write another one. It is often far easier to write a shorter story than it is a longer one. It is easy to get bored when you are constantly working on the same one long novel. 

Writing can become tiring and tedious, and if you are trying to write an epic 100,000+ word story… it will be hard.

But a shorter story, one which can be finished in a day, is all done and dusted allowing you to start a new adventure. You have little chance of becoming bored and tired with the story.

Publish Multiple Books And Create Yourself Multiple Income Streams

Publishing a large portfolio will give you a greater chance of earning more money. 

Imagine that you wrote and published books that were 25 pages long – this is an important page number which I shall explain later.

Now imagine that you have written and published 12 books.

You now have 300 pages (12 x 25 = 300) live in Amazon Kindle Unlimited which can earn you money when they are read.

A long novel can have 300 pages… you have effectively written a long novel without growing tired and bored.

Plus, a lot of people like to read on the go, or on breaks and so they don’t want to have to keep stopping and starting all the time, trying to remember what they have already read. A person has to invest a lot of time into a big novel.

Whereas a shorter book can be read on a lunch break or on the bus on the way home from work. A short romance story could quite easily be completed within an hour or two. And people like that, it means that they can start another book the following day.

Ty Cohen’s Kindle Cash Flow Success

Short 25 page romance stories is how Ty Cohen makes his money. (Well some of it.) Ty generates around $30K each month publishing short books to Amazon Kindle. Books and stories that he doesn’t write himself.

Ty pays other people to write the stories for him. They cost as little as $150 to have written, yet his short romance and love stories can earn him upwards of $500 a month each. Some might earn him more.

Going back to the example of having 12 books published to Amazon Kindle Unlimited, if each book was generating $500 a month… those 12 books would be making you an incredible $6,000 each month. Which is a staggering $72,000 a year.

That is $72,000 from short romance books and short love stories which you have written once!

For several years Ty has been taking ordinary people and turning them into Kindle publishing successes… I really wanted to say Kindle rockstars… but that sounded so cheesy, but… that is what they are really.

Photo Source: Ty Cohen’s Kindle Cash Flow Mastermind Group Facebook

Ordinary people like you and I are being taught how to generate large monthly incomes on Amazon Kindle publishing simple love stories and short 24 page romance books.

Some of TY’s students prefer to write the books themselves whereas others prefer to pay to have the books written and their covers made for them. They publish the finished item and turn an investment into a passive income stream.

Whichever system you prefer, Ty and his team will show you how to create multiple passive income streams publishing books on Amazon Kindle. 

If that sounds good to you, Ty is giving away a book and $200 worth of training for free. Click the image below or Click Here to go and claim your free book and training.

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