10 More Tips To Help You Become More Wealthy

I decided to put together another 10 tips to go along with the 25 tips in my free book 25 Tips To Help You Become Wealthy. If you haven’t yet downloaded it, I recommend that you do so now.

The 25 tips are things that you can start today… and so are these further 10 tips.

The idea is to give you a list of actionable tips which you can start today to help you become more wealthy.

Ok. Let’s get started. 

1 – Look Closer To Home

Most people look further afield for ways to make money when the answer they are looking for could be right under their noses.

The story of the South African farmer fits nicely here. The story is better known as ‘The Field Of Diamonds’.

Story has it, a poor and tired farmer decided to leave his farm to go searching for riches. During his search he experienced many adventures and came close to death, but he never found the riches he was looking for.

Several years later, he returned to his farm, older and wiser but just as poor as the day he left. One day while digging the dirt on his farm he heard a clang as his shovel hit something big and hard. He dug some more and revealed a huge priceless diamond.

But that wasn’t the only diamond buried on his farm. His farm was on top of a huge diamond field which hadn’t realised until that day. Everytime the farmer dug down, he found another diamond. 

The farmer found the riches he was searching for, and all it took was to look closer to home.

The moral of the story is that what you seek could quite easily come from who you are, what you know, and what you can do.

Your mind is your own Field Of Diamonds. You are capable of having ideas and doing things which can increase your wealth without you having to go out ‘searching for it’. Which leads me nicely to tip number 2…

2 – Have An Ideas Book

This is a must have item if you want to become wealthy. Wealthy people have million pound ideas, but if they do not put those ideas down on paper they will rarely remember them let alone act on them.

An ideas book is a book where you write down EVERY idea you have which can make you money and change your life. 

But it’s not just for those random ideas you may have, no, it is for spending time thinking up ideas, writing them down and exploring them more deeply on paper.

Having ideas is not as easy as you may think. You may have an idea every now and then, but the truth is, idea thinking is like all other kinds of thinking, it has to be trained, cultivated and turned into a habit.

To grow the habit of having ideas and expanding on ideas, you should spend some time each day writing down at least 10 different ideas. You can write multiple lists of 10 ideas such as:

  • 10 Self Help Book ideas.
  • 10 Businesses I Can Start Today For Free ideas.
  • 10 Items I Can Make To Sell Spending Less Than £5 Per Item ideas.
  • 10 Ways To Make An Extra £20 A Day Using My Phone ideas
  • 10 Ways To Help People That They Will Pay For ideas.

Thinking up profitable ideas requires training. Wealthy and successful people generally have a book full of ideas. They may only use one or two and discard hundreds of ideas, but it is the habit and practice of writing down ideas which brings those really profitable ideas to their attention.

It is those ideas they explore and take action on which results in them earning money… often a lot of money.

3 – End And Start The Day With Gratitude

OK, I know this sounds a bit woo woo and a bit like that flaw of attraction stuff, but stay with me on this.

Every night, while laid in bed right before you fall asleep, think of something which you did that day for which you are grateful for. It has to be something which was good, something that you are happy with and glad that you did. Something which has taken you a step or two closer to your goals.

In the morning when you wake up, before your feet hit the floor, think of something that you are looking forward to doing that day. Something which you know can and will make a difference to your day. 

There is a reason for this, and no, it is not that you will suddenly and by magical attract stuff to you. 

What happens when you spend time being grateful for the things you have done, the things that have happened to you and the things you are about to do… you set up a positive frame of mind. A frame of mind which allows positive and profitable ideas to flow abundantly through you.

It builds up the habit of seeing things in a more positive light and takes your focus away from seeing only problems. This allows you to ACT more. When people are in a happier state of being and a more relaxed and positive frame of mind, they do more and they make better decisions.

The secret to the flaw of attraction is in the last part of the word attrACTION… without action, nothing good happens in your life and people ACT less when they are feeling down, depressed and sluggish.

Cultivating gratitude helps to keep you in a happier and positive state of being which allows positive action, positive thoughts and positive habits to flourish.

There really isn’t anything woo woo about it, it is just good old plain psychology in action.

4 – Focus On Small Daily Wins Instead Of That One Big Win

As for tips, this is a biggie.

There are too many people today who are struggling, focusing on the big wins. People who desperately need more money, focus only on getting a big win. They buy scratchcards, play the lottery and even buy ‘get rich schemes’, with the hope of making that one big life changing win.

The problem is that these people tend to overlook and ignore the smaller wins because they desire a big win… and they want that big win NOW.

Small wins are small and they – in their heads – take too long to become a big win.

This is faulty thinking because:

  1. Small regular daily wins grow into big monthly wins quite quickly.
  2. Big wins are rare and often take months and years of hard work and learning to make them happen.

I know several people who spend a small fortune on scratchards, lottery tickets and other related products looking for that one big win. What they spend over a year is far more than they have ever won and would have made more money if it was used better.

Only this week I was chatting to a guy who had made over £150 in a week focusing on the small wins using just his phone.

One day he made £34, another he made only £18 and another day he made £12… but each day he made regular small wins.

If he repeats that same level of small wins over a month, he would be making at least £600 and yet, for the big win dreamers, that amount is not enough for them.

Which is ludicrous when you consider that they are desperate for money, and spending a lot of money trying for a big win.

£600 a month can do a lot for most people. Over a year, that equates to £7,200. 

How is that not a decent life changing amount for the average person?

That £150 over a week was just one week, I know for certain that he has weeks where he has made a lot more.

Small daily wins can grow into bigger monthly wins, but only if you allow them to. And you do that by finding a way to make those smaller wins.

Finding something to sell can give you those small wins. Selling several units a day of a product which gives you £5 profit will soon add up over time.

Trading horse racing each day focusing only on small wins will grow into a nice monthly second income.

So the question is this, what can you do which will give you regular daily small monetary wins?

5 – The Hobby Secret Of The Wealthy

This is a powerful secret of the wealthy which very few people know, yet if you were to stop and look more closely at wealthy people, you will spot it right away.

So what is this secret?

People love to spend their money on hobbies. They will spend an absolute fortune on doing the things they love. 

Average people will spend money on their hobbies and get poorer because of it… wealthy people turn their hobbies into a way to make money.

For example, normal people who love golf will spend a lot or money buying clubs, shoes, bags, balls and magazines. 

A wealthy golf lover will build a golf club, or publish a golf magazine or a ‘How To Improve Your Golf Swing’ DVD, or open up a shop selling golf equipment etc.

A normal wine lover will buy bottle after bottle of wine and basically flush it down the toilet.

A wealthy wine lover will become an importer, or open up a vineyard or open up a wine bar.

Wealthy people turn their passions and hobbies into ways to make money. They essentially find a way to get paid to do more of the things they enjoy.

Another example is a normal sports car enthusiast will happily spend money racing cars around a track as part of a ‘Sports Car Experience’ whereas the wealthy car lover is the guy offering the experience. He gets paid to own the Lamborghini and the Ferrari which people pay big bucks to drive.

When I refer to the wealthy person, I am not saying that the person is wealthy and then opens up the golf course or the vineyard. No, it is the hobby which oftens makes them wealthy.

They open the vineyard or they open the golf shop and grow the business which makes them wealthy. The wealth comes off the back of deciding to turn their passion and hobbies into a way to make money.

You can do the same.

So, ask yourself, what is it that you really love to do? 

What do you enjoy spending most of your time doing? 

And is there a way that you can turn that hobby into a way to make you money?

Getting paid to do what you love is such a great way to live and make money.

6 – Leverage Your Time With A Product

This is a fantastic way to make more money from your time.

For most people, the way they make money is to exchange their time for money. They go to work and their boss pays them a set amount for each hour they work.

That is the most common way to make money.

However, there are only so many hours a day a person can work. Not all employers offer overtime and individuals can only do so much before they become really tired and rundown.

Some people have family to look after or might even have an invisible illness like M.E. or Fibromyalgia which limits the amount of work they can do.

So what is the other option?

You leverage your time with a product.

I know what you are thinking, what does that mean?

What it means is that you create a product to sell. You do the work once and you get paid over and over again for many years to come.

So for example, let’s say that you work as a dental assistant. You could write a book about good oral hygiene or how to keep your teeth white and what foods to avoid.

That book or books, could then be sold for many years meaning that you are getting paid over and over again for the work you did once. And instead of being paid for your knowledge by an employer on an hourly basis, you are now being paid for your knowledge on a product basis.

What that means is that once your working day is over, you can still be making money without having to do the work. It is possible that you can sell more books in a week generating you more money than what you could have possibly made by working overtime.

Remember, there are only so many hours a person can work. After an 8 hour day, you might be lucky if you can work another 2 or 4 hours… but it is possible to sell books online at any time of the day. You and your body may be tired, but that doesn’t stop you earning when you have leveraged your time with a product.

Whether you realise it or not, most people have a book or a product or two in them. IT is a great way to make the most of what you know and do.

7- Use Your Phone As A Money Pump

Today, nearly everyone in the western world has a smartphone. Why they are called smartphones is beyond me, they are mini handheld computers which can also be used as a phone.

Yes, they have evolved from the old mobile phones, but they can do so much more. They are incredible.

It seems that there is an app for anything. A smartphone offers you a lot of opportunities to make money.

My smartphone allows me to:

  • Take photos.
  • Record audio.
  • Record videos.
  • Write.
  • Connect to the website and access websites.
  • Do video chats with people.

What that means is that I can:

  • Take pictures for blog articles, or for items to list on websites. 
  • Record videos for YouTube, use as web content or tutorials in a product. 
  • Record podcasts and audio files.
  • Write articles, emails, newsletters, ebooks and sales letters.
  • Learn new skills by watching videos, listening to podcasts and audiobooks and reading ebooks and articles.
  • Email potential prospects, businesses and lists to generate work and sales.
  • Do live sales calls.
  • Take payments and pay for items.
  • Manage money.
  • Trade sporting events.
  • Trade the markets.
  • List items for sale on specific websites.
  • Do small paid tasks on specific websites.
  • Work on websites.
  • Arrange meetings.
  • And so much more.

Smartphones are fantastic tools which live in your pockets, but what is that most people do with these little mini handheld computers? 

They spend hours watching Tik Tok videos, cat videos and scrolling through several social media platforms… with a lot of that time spent arguing with other people over politics, conspiracy theories and pointless trivia.

I am not suggesting that you spend all of your time working on your phone, but what I am suggesting is that you can use your phone as a way to make extra money.

The fact that you can place bets on horse racing and football games using a betting exchange like Betfair means that you can fiddle with your phone in your spare time and make money each day.

As mentioned in Tip 4… plenty of small daily wins will add up to larger monthly wins.Your smartphone is a tool which can help you to earn money no matter where you are and at any time you have a few minutes spare.

The fact that you can write an article on your phone while sitting in a coffee shop or sitting on a bus and get paid for it by someone on the other side of the world through websites like Fiverr.com is incredible. 

Why wouldn’t you want to use it as a way to make money in your spare time?

8 – Learn A Digital Skill

This is a great way to make money. A digital skill doesn’t have to be something really involved like web designer, copywriter or graphic designer – although they are fantastic ways to make money – I am referring to skills which can be done in the digital domain.

That includes things like proofreading, research, answering emails and posting content online for people.

Authors and copywriters often spend hours crafting a piece of writing and when they are done they need someone to read through their work with a fresh pair of eyes or add it to a website.

I once read about a guy who wrote articles for his website and to allow him to continue writing articles, he paid a guy to format them and then add them to his website.

It freed him to carry on creating profitable content.

The guy who was paid to add the articles to the website, only needed a basic understanding on how to add the content to a webpage which is incredibly easy when you know how.

A lot of digital skills can be done from anywhere where there is internet access. Many jobs can be done on smartphones and tablets.

These are jobs which can be done from the comfort of your own home making them ideal evening and weekend jobs to bring in some extra income.

Imagine that it took you an hour to format and add an article to a website for a person and that person paid you £25 – £50 to do it. Now imagine that this person wrote 2 or 3 articles per week which they needed adding to their website.

Wouldn’t that be a decent way to make some extra money while enjoying a brew in the comfort of your own home while listening to the TV or radio?

These kinds of jobs are real. There are people who pay money to have certain jobs done which allow them to focus on the work they do best.

There are writers who are paid several hundred pounds to write articles for websites. The website owner may be poor at writing but great at sending people to their website so they pay someone to write the website’s content while they focus on traffic generation.

The idea behind a digital skill is that you can earn money from home and from anywhere as long as you can connect to the internet. It saves you having to find a second ‘real’ job which will have you leaving your home to go and spend time at a ‘place of work’.

9 – Develop A Premium Skillset

I hinted at this in the previous tip. A premium skill set is one which you can charge a lot of money for and often requires less work.

Premium skills generally make their larger-than-average fees because they deliver a much needed result.

I mentioned the writers who get paid several hundred pounds per article, there are some who get paid close to £800 maybe more.

If they use copywriting techniques to convert readers into buyers and generate sales for their clients, they can earn a lot of money.

Think about it, if you wrote an article for a client which over the year generated £10,000 in sales, why would they not want to pay you £500 for it?

What if your article could generate £30,000 a year in sales… would £800 be a fair price for that result?

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to do the actual work, what matters is what the final piece of work does for the client. They are paying for results.

Copywriters can charge tens of thousands to write simple sales letters for clients, and those sales letters have taken some copywriters less than a day to write. 

Even if you spent a full two weeks working on a sales letter which you were paid £5,000 for… that is an incredible monthly wage.

Web designers can build simple 5-6 page websites for small local businesses in a few hours and easily charge up to £500 for them. You don’t need to be a coder or know a lot about websites to build a professional website either. 

WordPress is a simple-to-use website building system which allows you to build professional looking websites using themes and plugins.

At most, you will need to know how to drag and drop and point and click to build a website which you can charge £500 for.

There are many premium skills that can have you paying more than the average person. If you need more money then maybe you should look at developing a premium skill which can soon swell your bank account once you have mastered what needs doing.

10 – Double Your Way To  A Million

Believe it or not, if you take £100 and start doubling your money, you only need to double your money 14 times to make over £1 million. You will be left with over £1.6 million if you double your money 14 times.

  1. £100 – £200
  2. £200 – £400
  3. £400 – £800
  4. £800 – £1,600
  5. £1,600 – £3,200
  6. £3,200 – £6,400
  7. £6,400 – £12,800
  8. £12,800 – £25,600
  9. £25,600 – £51,200
  10. £51,200 – £102,400
  11. £102,400 – £204,800
  12. £204,800 – £409,600
  13. £409,600 – £819,200
  14. £819,200 – £1,638,400

At the beginning, it might be easy. Doubling £100 to £200 and then doubling £200 to £400 is doable. You can buy something cheap then sell it for twice the price, but as soon as you start getting into the big numbers, doubling the money with one action is not so straight forward.

There are very few things which you can buy at £819,200 that you can sell on for over £1.6 million. Property, yachts or businesses might be the closest things you can buy for around £800k and sell on for twice what you paid for it… but I still think that is going to be highly unlikely.

Most people who can afford to spend £1.6 million on a property, yacht or business are going to be shrewd enough to want to knock you down on price quite considerably.

However, the numbers are there. If you consciously start with £100 and double everything, you will have a million within 14 steps.

I am not saying that it is easy, but it does give something to focus on. An idea of how to start to grow your pot.

You can start to look for things which you can double individually or as part of a group. 

You may buy one item for £100 and sell it for £200 but your next item to sell might be 20 items you bought for £200 as a job lot selling each item for £20 making a profit of £400 and so on.

It doesn’t have to be one item which you sell for double, as long as you can double the previous amount with your next phase then you are still doing good.

Ideally, you want to sell one item each time as it is easier but the main focus is to double each amount.

OK, so there you have 10 tips to help you build wealth and become financially free. I have 25 more fantastic tips in my free book HERE.

If you have not yet got your copy I suggest that you do now because there may be one or two gems in there which will resonate with you and could help to make you very wealthy indeed.

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