The Faceless Way To Earn Big With YouTube

Did you know that you can earn a very nice living from YouTube without showing your face at all? In fact, there are many channels doing just that.

We are going to look into a few niches within this post with some examples so you can see for yourself.

We will also be showing the average earnings that these channels get from the YouTube advertising partner program.

The best thing about all these channels and niches is once you get established and build a bit of a brand for yourself it is very possible (and somewhat advised) to outsource the creation of all these videos leaving you to really scale it up.

It should be said that you will need some sort of editing software if you are going to create these videos yourself.

There are plenty on the market but the two we recommend that won’t break the bank are Wondershare and Screencast-o-matic.

Niche #1 – Relaxation & Calming Music Videos

Before you say it, no you do not need to be a musician or have technical music skills in order to create these videos.

A lot of these channels are simply using royalty free music that is fit for commercial use. You can find these straight away inside your very own YouTube Studio page that you get with every channel.

After that when you are ready to step up a gear you can subscribe to one of the many music websites that offer royalty free downloads for a fee.

As for graphics, you have a ton of websites with photos and videos that are fit for commercial use without attribution such as pixabay, pexels and coverr to name few.

greenred youtube channel art

Take a look at this channel, Greenred Productions. It is very good. They use a nice hi-res photo for their mixes. The rest is often royalty free music that they simple put on loop with the picture.

Let’s take a look at their revenue.

greenred youtube earnings

As you can see here their expected ad revenue is about £12K for the top end estimates. This is insane.

Niche #2 – Quizzes & Games

This is a huge niche too and with the recent pandemic and lockdowns, quizzes and games like this on YouTube have soured in the search results.

The great thing about them is when you develop your own system they can actually become quite a nice quick thing to churn out.

It’s best to have an idea of the quiz you are going to do, don’t just do general knowledge either. It’s best to try and do a quiz on a certain niche like “The Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz” or something like that.

This also gives you a better chance in ranking for some keywords etc.

1 million tests youtube channel

This is a really good quiz channel example. It’s called 1 Million Tests and they do tons of quizzes in loads of different niches.

Again, nobody has to show their face on camera. Its all about learning to make good videos by editing.

Let’s take a look at the ad earnings for this channel.

1 million tests earnings from adsense

Here you can see their expected ad revenue from this channel is around £5800 per month for the top end.

Niche #3 – Healthy Tips

These are a great idea too as there is quite often new information such as diets etc coming out all the time. All you need for these are a PLR article (private label rights) and some pictures that match the content. Then you simply read (or pay someone else to read) the article and pop some quiet music in the background.

You can even invest in software to read the articles out for you.

You can make hundreds of these in the health niche, and you can also go after many searchable keywords.

natural cures channel

This channel called Natural Cures is massive and they churn out new videos each day pretty much. It has a whooping subscriber base of 3.2 Million subs.

The great thing about this channel niche is the countless other affiliate programs you could promote with these videos.

Let’s take a look at the ad revenue numbers.

natural cures ad earnings

As you can see a very nice £3.9K per month but as I said above this channel could earn income in many other ways due to the niche.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see here from these three examples there are ways to make money using YouTube without showing your face.

It is not just these three niches I have shown. You could make channels about the following:

  • Gaming
  • Compilations
  • Over the shoulder how to videos
  • History
  • Unboxing
  • Art
  • Drone footage

There are a few more ideas to get you thinking, but these are just a handful. If you really think outside the box you can create videos on just about anything without showing your face if you don’t want to. Once you develop a system and start to crank out these videos, your channel can start to grow rather nicely.

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